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I'm Lors, and this is My Home

I recently moved from the Philippines to Canada; I am currently awaiting for my baby Boy coming this October 2022, whom I'm sharing with my partner, Mike. 

BAKING JOURNEY: If you know me, I have the BIGGEST SWEET TOOTH EVER! So this is where it all started! I tried teaching myself and even try to sometimes make substitutions to make these sweet treats more healthy for me and my family; I love making my own versions and twists of these baked goods. This is when I fell in love with baking and making sweets for other people rather than myself; I love sharing them and seeing people happy with the result of what I did. 

Thus, I have this blog up to share different recipes that I've made because I want people to be able to find their own way in the kitchen, and if I'm going to be part of it, then isn't that great?!

I also want to be able to share my personal baking through my online bakeshop where I'm selling cookies, cookie crumbls, cupcakes, cakes, and a lot more. Some cupcakes and cakes may be personalized as well. 

Baked by Lors

Life of Lors // Baked by Lors

Cochrane, AB

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Baking Content

Online Bakeshop

I share all the baked good recipes that I come up with. 

Online Bakeshop is on Instagram: @bakedbylors



Do you live in the Calgary-Cochrane Area?
Go to
@bakedbylors on Instagram to order!
We deliver door to door (there's a limit number of orders per day)

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